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About Us

Each year 150,000 AS level exams are failed and 40,000 students drop out of school. Outcomes for many young people after GCSEs are stark. Perhaps they picked the wrong course or institution or maybe they didn't think carefully enough about their decision.

We've created Skills Route to help young people making important decisions at the age of 14 to 16. We want Skills Route to help them explore and compare before they decide. Skills Route is the first post-16 portal to bring together all the options for young people side by side. Our innovative technology helps them understand the options, consider the implications of their actions and explore their future career path.

Skills Route is the first of its kind... a perfect example of how widely available but often complex information can be better utilised and applied to everyday life.– Ed Parkes, Senior Programme Manager, Nesta

We take the data that is input and provide suggestions based on how a young person’s ability, interests and ambitions match with the options that are available. We have created tools that put the individual in the driving seat so that they can truly consider all the options and see the impact of the choices that they make. And because it uses comprehensive, location-based data the young person can feel confident that they're making an informed decision.

An award winning platform. Our cutting edge approach to careers guidance has already won Skills Route the Nesta/Open Data Institute Education Open Data Challenge and the Nominet Trust Social Tech seed award.

Core Team

Skills Route was created by Mime, a team of specialists in education data and technology. We're passionate about providing high quality, accessible information to improve the life chances of all young people.

Steve Preston

Steve founded MIME Consulting and Skills Route.

Priority: Interpreting data to support schools and transform the lives of young people.

Phil Rossiter

Phil is chief Skills Route techie

Priority: Involved from the start, Phil uses technical wizardry and deep data knowledge to make the plan become a reality.

Briony Phillips

Briony is Skills Route organiser and facilitator.

Priority: Helping spread awareness, build understanding and translate user experience into improved functionality.

Nicki Cooper

Nicki brings Skills Route to the people.

Priority: Supporting schools and users to get the most out of the system.

Domi Szabo

Domi is our web developer

Priority: Using cutting edge technology and techniques to create the application itself.

Tom Shirley

Tom is a self confessed puzzle fan

Priority: Creatively solving problems and writing algorithms to make Skills Route logical and user friendly.