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Help your students PLAN their future after GCSEs

Introducing Skills Route PLAN

Skills Route PLAN is a developmental and reflective tool to help teachers and young people learn about all the options that are available for study after GCSE.

PLAN can be used in a whole class setting or when working with small groups and 1:1 with students. It takes just 15 mins to complete and can help you start a conversation and empower your students to explore for themselves.

Skills Route PLAN can help your school:

  • ✓ Fulfil their statutory duty to provide impartial advice and guidance
  • ✓ Equip teachers to have informed 1:1 conversations with students
  • ✓ Understand and analyse the ambitions of your students


Skills Route helped me learn that apprenticeships could be a good option for me.

Year 11 student

I used Skills Route in tutor time and was able to learn a lot about my tutor group.

Year 9 class tutor

My son is really excited to start college. Skills Route helped us to find the best college for him locally.

Parent of 15yr old